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Smith Island

Twelve miles off the coast of Crisfield, Smith Island is Maryland’s only inhabited island that is accessible only by water.  The three-by-five-mile archipelago is home to approximately 200 year-round residents, some of whom can trace their ancestors back to the original 17th-century settlers and speak with a distinct dialect specific to the island.  The main village of Ewell joins Rhodes Point by bridge and Tylerton sits on a neighboring island.  Most everything arrives on the ferry/freight boats.  Roundtrip passenger service is available from cruise and passenger ferries.  Visitors will find opportunities to eat fresh seafood at the restaurants in Ewell and Tylerton, book a relaxing weekend at an Inn or vacation rental in either of the villages, paddle the water trails, take a tour, bake the Maryland State Dessert - Smith Island Cake (or just grab a slice), and more.