Americas Best Value Inn

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28 rooms.  HBO, WiFi, in-room refrigerator, and microwave.  Satellite TV.  Sixteen non-smoking rooms.

Recent Reviews

Americas Best Value Inn
Remmus Alaina : 1 on 1/2/2024 9:12 am
Absolutely disgusting. Most rooms smell musty, moldy, and stale. They only clean the parts you can see, I’ve found used wrappers, trash, USED Q-tips and more. Ashes in the dresser drawers, burn marks on the tub. HUGE paint peeling off and rusty microwaves. But that isn’t even the worst part. BUGS, bed bugs. My fiancé and I stayed there for 2 nights and got bit both nights. This is disgusting and for the low low price of $75 you can get bit, too! This hotel is absolutely disgusting and is basically a luxury trap house. People arguing late into the night and everything is run down. DO NOT STAY HERE !
1 5
Americas Best Value Inn
abbey true : 4 on 10/14/2023 12:44 pm
It was a very good room I really suggest coming here it's better than other ones in the area the bathroom was kinda mid but the rest was really good and I suggest going to somer set pizza next to the dollar store but there is no morning brackfest
4 5
Americas Best Value Inn
ItReallyisn'tPersonal B : 2 on 8/17/2022 11:27 pm
This place shows a seemingly freshly painted hotel from the outside entering onto the property. Once you are on the property and travel towards the check-in All things Fall apart. You have to check in after ringing the bell go around the building to speak with someone through a window that is normally closed by a sliding window pane. The inside of the room where the receptionist is is not very clean or tidy looking either which is a reflection on what your room may also look like. There is a soda machine with a door like panel propped up against it there's dust, debris, even I found a dead field mouse by the machine. The room I stayed in was Dusty, there was a loud noise that continuously played throughout the night sound like a humming noise. The air conditioner came on in the middle of the night which was fine if it didn't squeal before it came on. The bathroom was missing paint about the size of a US Morgan silver dollar. The towels and face cloth were not soft they were nearly thin. I could go on and on but it might be better if you visited yourself although I'm trying to save you from being a victim. The furniture in the room I stayed in was stained and peeling and discolored. It appears as though they're making some renovations however the renovations that they made to the flooring was poorly done. As I walked across the floor to the bathroom you could actually feel the lifting of the tile once I stepped forward. I've seen reviews about they're doing a better job on the new management I can't even begin to think could it really have been even poorer management than what I've experienced?
2 5
Americas Best Value Inn