Fairmount Wildlife Management Area

Typical of river habitat on the Chesapeake Bay, Fairmount WMA's 4,000 acres are mostly marshland.  It is located between the Manokin and Annemessex Rivers.  Forested wetlands occupy a small portion of the area.  Two man-made ponds, or "impoundments," have been created.  This habitat, as well as the lush wetland plants, including widgeon grass, horned pondweed, and saltmarsh bulrush, and a dense population of invertebrates make Fairmount attractive to many species of waterfowl.  **Be aware of open hunting seasons and visit accordingly.**

Marked parking areas are located off Fairmount Road, Lower Hill Road, and Fords Wharf Road.  Boat access via Rumbley, Frenchtown, and Coulbourne Creek public boat ramps.