L.E. Hitch & Sons

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Hunting and fishing licenses.  Fishing, crabbing, and hunting supplies.

Recent Reviews

L.E. Hitch & Sons
Christine Wilson : 2 on 4/28/2024 6:39 pm
DON’T GO IN THERE IF YOU’RE CRIPPLED UP! The father and son are very nice. This place was always our “go-to” and we used to think the world of Mrs. Hitch also until she scolded my boyfriend and made him sit down when we went in her store one day. It wasn’t one of his better walking days-(he’s disabled and has neurological issues from a broken neck)-but he could manage or wouldn’t have went in. She was very rude and told him to sit down “now” and “I mean it.” I don’t want you wrecking my displays.” This was in front of other customers. He’s already very depressed-he fishes to take his mind off of things. I thought it was an awful way to act and I pray she’s never disabled and treated that way.
2 5
L.E. Hitch & Sons
Enrique Cano Gonzalez : 5 on 11/13/2023 10:02 pm
Best bait around . They have everything you need to go fishing and crabbing. Staff is also friendly.
5 5
L.E. Hitch & Sons
David Galeone : 5 on 6/29/2021 7:43 pm
Say Hello to Mrs Hitch from L. E. Hitch & Sons in Eden. You really can’t find a nicer person. Would you look at these bloodworms? These are sure to catch the big ones. I think she was scared they were going to get away! 😆 🎣
5 5
L.E. Hitch & Sons