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Recent Reviews

Kristen Beckley : 1 on 2/10/2024 11:30 am
Come to the Crisfield McDonald's where we have fly sweet tea!! Stopped by to get the kids something to eat after school, we went thru the drive-thru. Service was slow as ALWAYS and staff ALWAYS have a bad attitude but the worst of it was my son had a dead fly floating in his sweet tea that he was already drinking, not to mention its body was decomposed and falling apart so lord only knows how much of it he drank . He is traumatized, so no I do not want a replacement tea. I understand working in the food industry these things happen sometimes but at McDonald's in Crisfield it is a daily occurrence Whether or not it be hair in your food or dead flies or simply messing up your order. I have gotten iced coffee from them before that had two dead flies floating in it I swore then that I was never going to go back but with Crisfield being so small and only having one fast food restaurant I caved.
1 5
Robyn Bowers : 1 on 9/17/2023 2:38 pm
We visit Janes island each year for our family vacation and frequently visit this location, this year has to have been the’s bad usually but couldn’t believe how rude and terrible the entire staff seemed to be. The manager was extremely impatient and rude to our group the food was bland and burnt buns were burnt and hard..our mother got sick on the ride home after eating here. The employees were on their phones and chit chatting and payed no attention to people who tried to get their attention. I felt horrible watching them interact with other customers even telling them they just wanted to leave to go watch football. It was dirty and smelled bad the employees looked dirty and unkempt. We will be making other plans for our last day camping breakfast and easy quick meals from now on. We visited on sept 10th
1 5
The Other Drew : 2 on 12/12/2023 10:41 pm
It's a Crisfield McDonald's, so that should explain all you need to know. One of the dude's was dope and made a fresh chicken sandwich for us cause the other was a burnt chewy disgrace. Thanks bro.

Anyway, go to China Wok, best thing in Crisfield
2 5