Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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Recent Reviews

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Chanel Cinq : 2 on 2/23/2024 4:43 am
So I am in this dinky, nothing of a town for business. I don’t eat fast food often but I find myself eating it way more than I should when I travel.

I have ordered from Popeyes probably a dozen times in my life. Only one time of those dozen visits did a Popeyes have all the items I ordered. This is not an exaggeration. I flew in from the West Coast and I need to stay hydrated but I also arrived at the hotel at 3 AM so I needed caffeine. I ordered mild chicken tenders, Diet Coke, and a lemonade. What did they have in stock? Lemonade. They were out of Diet Coke and chicken tenders. Sorry but this is not acceptable. How on earth does this place stay in business. I only ordered from here because this tiny tiny town has about 3 places to eat and they are all fast food.

Hopefully I learned my lesson after today.
2 5
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Da Originator : 1 on 12/8/2023 2:31 am
When did Ghost Pepper wings start looking like this?? And then the manager gets mad because SHE took my order wrong. Please do better night shift.
1 5
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Kathleen Crockett : 1 on 4/27/2024 12:55 pm
Ordered an 8 piece bucket with an extra side and bottle of water. $40.00 is not fast food prices, got home and no fries even though I was charged for them. I was angry with myself for not checking the bag before I pulled away because they do this on a regular basis. The food was ok but not worth $40.00.
1 5
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen