Rodeway Inn at Somers Cove Marina

40 rooms.  Efficiencies available, overlooking marina, outdoor pool, grills, picnic tables, cable TV, ample parking. Microwave, refrigerator, fax, Wi-Fi. Pet friendly.  Open year-round.

Recent Reviews

Rodeway Inn at Somers Cove Marina
Dick Dahn : 2 on 10/9/2023 9:15 pm
Staff was very pleasant and accommodating. Location is great.

Unfortunately we stayed in a room on the first floor. About 3 AM a person in the room above started walking around and moving (stuff). The noise kept us awake until about 7 AM when we decided to leave for breakfast.

It's a pretty nice place, but don't stay on the first floor in the white building. I don't know about the brick building, it was closed.
2 5
Rodeway Inn at Somers Cove Marina
Amber Levinski : 3 on 10/17/2023 2:22 pm
Simple space with the basics, a little dated. Clean. There is a 150$ deposit in addition to the room charge. They neglected to give me a receipt for either transaction, which seemed odd. When I asked for one, only the room charge was listed. I'm trusting the deposit will be refunded as stated, but they were just a bit too laxed with the paperwork and front-end procedures for me. Overall, decent enough for a short term stay.
3 5
Rodeway Inn at Somers Cove Marina
AJ Michael : 5 on 8/23/2023 3:23 pm
I have stayed in a lot of hotels, for a Rodeway Inn I was not expecting much. Boy I was wrong, our room was completed updated and very nice and super clean. The pool is also completely renovated and very nice. This owner cares about his customers. I think other reviews may have been prior to the renovations have been completed. The on site owners were extremely helpful. I highly recommend this place!
5 5
Rodeway Inn at Somers Cove Marina