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Recent Reviews

Christy Parker : 1 on 5/6/2023 6:25 pm
Waited 10 min, an employee came out of the back 2x's and completely ignored us. I asked if they were open and they still ignored us. There was another employee washing dishes, who I could see, so I know they could see us, but completely ignored us. So we're taking our money elsewhere. It's 2:15 pm on a Saturday afternoon, not like a lunch rush, there was no one else in line. I know it's hard to find good help these days but this place is doomed if these are the people running it. Where is management???
1 5
Raja Hayajneh : 5 on 6/3/2022 2:23 am
Excellent service. Jasmine is AWESOME!
5 5
Ariana Portillo : 1 on 3/19/2023 11:01 pm
Worst Customer Service!
I just went for a sandwich and the employee lady she was sitting down in the dining area on her phone and when she saw that I wanted to buy food she went back to work and she didn’t even say HI or HOW CAN I HELP YOU… nothing
I ordered my sandwich and she didn’t even ask If I wanted toasted or not, she didn’t care for anything because she didn’t ask me if I wanted to do any modifications, I did have to said everything and she was adding the ingredients like in a bad attitude like she didn’t care.
I paid and I said THANK YOU, HAVE A GOOD ONE and she didn’t say anything like I wasn’t there because she was busy having a conversation with her coworker
SUBWAY Owners, PLEASE hire people that really want to work and care about customer service
1 5